Jealous snape x reader

Requested by an anon: Could u do a Draco imagine that consists of Cedric diggory, draco getting jealous, feels, conflict and a load of jealousy? Thank you so much! Draco bares his teeth as he whirls around on Nott, his billowing robes swinging viciously around his ankles.

Before Draco can pounce on him, however, Blaise Zabini chooses that oportune moment to enter the dormitory with a roll of his eyes and an exasperated sigh.

None of the girls seem to be interested in anyone else. With a grit of his teeth, Draco roughly releases his hold and saunters towards his bed; leaving an oxygen-deprived and thoroughly infuriated Nott in his wake.

He pushes himself up and strides unsteadily towards the dormitory door. My, how he has fallen. Before Draco can carry out the deed this time, Nott slams the door shut and hurries down the staircase.

With a disgruntled grunt, Draco plonks down on his bed and shoves his face in his hands. All of it. Surely you can handle that without breaking anything?

However, no one tends to see that particularly important fact. She huffs in irritation as Cho Chang and her best friend, Marietta Edgecombe, exchange gossip about her. She inhales sharply at the animosity of it and looks down. Why was he so pissed? She refuses to believe anything other than the assumption that Draco is probably pissed at her for being friends with a Hufflepuff.

Triwizard Champion or not. Multiple shivers run involuntarily down her spine as she nods in agreement with the offer provided to her. His lips whispering sensually in her ear in a manner that was obviously meant to be seductive as he takes her by the hand and exits. He can turn you into a twig just as easily as you can infuriate the Weasel. Blaise merely rolls his eyes as Draco dashes towards the exit in a deformatory fashion.

Relieved sighs erupt from the Slytherins but Blaise only chuckles quietly.

Severus Snape x Oc // Daddy' s Little Horrocrux// Harry Potter Fanfic

Slamming the doors deafeningly behind him, Draco stomps down the corridor, sending multiple glares at passing students as he goes.

The sight that befalls him as he rounds the corner, however, has him stopping short. His palipitating heartbeat faltering ever so slightly for a moment as his sheltered heart gets clenched in a choking grip. The breath getting trapped in his throat, dissallowing him to respire.

But just as quickly as it comes, his heart rate picks up again as a rush of anger beyond anything he has ever felt before surges through his entire being; pounding for release against the restraints of his body. Her backs presses gently against the wall as a hand brushes a lock of hair away from her face. Her mind reeling with unanswered questions and startling hesitation as his lips press against hers. She tenses and her limbs freeze in place. But before she can think to react fully, a voice startles her.

A shocked Cedric pulls away to stare at Draco with a raised brow.

jealous snape x reader

Cedric glances between the two of them with suspicion and worry before begrudgingly doing as she says. I was perfectly justified to think that since I was thoroughly sleep deprived. Draco finds himself grinning before he can think twice about it.

Draco squeezes his eyes shut to block her out of his vision but finds only that her delicate frame indents itself upon his eyelids.I know this is a new request and I had others before it, I apologise, but seeing as this one practically wrote itself and because I fear I might not publish it before Christmas - Here it is!

Requested by a lovely anon. And fellow Christians, may we be reminded of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. God Bless everyone xx.

Girl With Luv

You were wrapped in a scarf, beanie and gloves of your house colours. Severus put his hands in his jacket pocket desperately seeking warmth. Like, when you go to cut it, it flies from under the knife. Crushing allows you to be able to use its juice for the potion. You shivered as another wind blew what felt like stinging icicles into your face.

Severus had conjured up this remarkable blue flame in his right hand and slipped it into a jar and gave it to you. In all the time you knew him, he hardly spoke of his home life.

You held the jar tightly feeling its warmth on your hands.

jealous snape x reader

You pulled it into your chest in an effort to warm yourself further. Severus was just watching you. For a minute you thought you saw his eyes flicker to your lips.

His hand graced yours before slowly interlocking his fingers with yours. Laughter erupted in the hallway.

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The moment was ruined by two other people. You and Severus looked to see who now occupied the same hall as you. His friend following, flanking his right. I think I might stay at Hogwarts for Christmas. They were the best of friends but the quickest way to annoy Sirius was to point out that his sister fancied his enemy. Hufflepuff deserved to win that one. Sirius quickly smiled back as recognition sunk in. You watched them leave finally. He leaned down and softly placed his lips on yours, after a second he moved to break away, but you pulled him back and deepened the kiss.Thank you so much for the request!

Sorry it took forever! It was so much fun to write!

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I absolutely loved it! Again, thank you, and I hope you enjoy! The halls were surprisingly empty. She turned her head to see Pansy.

Snape motioned her inside his office, leaving Pansy alone in the hallway. He shut the door behind him and pointed to the seat on the opposite side of his desk. After handing Snape her essay and getting some info on their next lesson, she left, heading to the library to meet Draco for their study session.

Draco got up and pulled a chair out for her. As she sat down, he pushed the chair in for her. The door opened once more. A girl with medium length black hair entered and took a seat across from Draco. That girl was Pansy Parkinson. She hated Pansy. But, knowing that Draco was friends with her, she faked a smile. She got up from her seat. Giving Draco a kiss on the cheek, she left. Throwing the sheets in the floor, she headed to the common room.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind as they watched the dark depths of the Black Lake, nuzzling his head into her hair. The green colored fire from the torches lit his face. His smile showed the utmost tenderness. His eyes sparkled. However, the yelling only intensified.

With his mouth agape, he finally thought of something to say. The room was fuzzy due to the water that filled her eyes.

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She did have a valid reason, but talking about it would only make her feel worse.I am not really happy with this one, dunno why… Special thanks to true-queen-of-mischief :.

Instead of creating a mighty fog that would helped the wizard or witch who used it to vanish in the fog during a duel, it turned its brewer into a cat….

Professor Snape experienced it himself. He is not sure what he did wrong, but neither did he know how long this potion would affect him. And now he wandered on four black paws through the big halls of Hogwarts in search for help. There was only one person that came into his mind that was actually a good help.

Snape thought for a moment. Where could she be at this time of day? His dark eyes wandered up to the big clock that ticked away at one of the big towers in the old castle.

It said it was lunch time for the students. Most of the times, alone. She munched happily on her food as she looked into a thick book about potions, probably preparing for her classes.

Norris had found her and that Filch might be up to something. But the girl relaxed as she noticed a black cat standing in the high grass near the Lake. This black fur reminded her of someone and those dark eyes that could be compared to two black tunnels. The black creature walked up to her and nudged her hand and with a smile the girl ran a hand through the black fur. The cat purred but then his dark eyes turned to the book that laid beside her and quickly he tried his best to show the girl who he was.

You seem lost. Somehow, he got away from her tight grip and stretched himself. The black cat ran down to the dungeons and into the open classroom of Snape. Confused, you entered the classroom, expecting Snape sitting on his desk but he was nowhere in sight.

Meowing to you, the cat turned around sniffing on the different parchments on the desk before he pulled out the one he searched for. He dropped it right in front of you and you took with a risen eyebrow. So, the cat could understand you? Your eyes scanned the paper and you recognized the handwriting on it.Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff reader. He was a slytherin, and as his parents always told him, he was meant to marry a pureblood. No one else. Of course there were purebloods in other houses, but Draco only looked at the slytherins. Well that was easy to say for a man that crushed on a girl for years only to hear that he is going to marry her.

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Draco wants to find someone who he can talk to, who he can have a little fun with and who is pureblood. And then he saw them. And black. A hufflepuff. The next two weeks, Draco kept a close eye on them.

draco is jealous

He noticed that they were one year below him. So he followed them. Draco noticed that they cared about everyone who looked a little bit broken, and he got a plan. A stupid plan, but he was sure it would work. The jealousy has reached its highest point yesterday.

They were laughing together as they patched his robes all up within no time. They gasped and their eyes scanned his arm. Pomfrey said I were lucky, it could have killed me. You've got enough to nerve. Ask Submit Archive Random Theme. So Draco did the stupidest thing he could ever do.Are you familiar with that moment? It is a rare sight for anybody to see the dark-haired man in such a blissful state.

The woman turned red as she noticed that he stopped and looked at her as he awaited something in response. With a sigh the woman watched him turn around the corner before she facepalmed herself. In potions, Snape was kind of …friendly? Most of the time the woman would search for the right papers, sometimes she asked the same questions or she tripped over nothing.

Completely distracted.

jealous snape x reader

The students could tell by only a glance at their professor. Even Professor McGonagall noticed the strange behavior of her two young colleagues. She shook her head every time she saw them both talk like children not noticing the glances of the other. It was painful to watch. So, painful that Minerva thought of a plan to end this whole fiasco. The older woman looked up from her papers and eyed the younger through her glasses.

Both blushed a bit but neither said a word to each other. McGonagall watched them both for a moment before she got from her chair and walked around her desk. Severus looked at her from the corners of his eyes before he looked back to McGonagall.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and tipped her foot impatiently awaiting an answer form either of them. Now, have a good day you two. Minerva waved a hand signaling them both to leave her office. After the two left still with red faces, they looked at each other. For a moment there was silence, before the man spoke up. Tagged: severus snape x reader severus snape imagine harry potter imagine hp severus snape snape snape x reader snape imagine request requests open.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After making friends with Remus Lupin, you start to see a possessive side of Snape you kind of adore. And by this point, you know you're in love, and he's falling faster than he wants to. But with his concealed anguish and your insecurities, how will it play out?

For hundreds of years, the Prince family has suffered from a never-ending secret: the Grimm Curse, which has stolen the beauty and luck of countless Prince descendants. The only way Snape can, once and for all, break the ancient spell is to locate his soulmate and share with them a true-love kiss. Is it true that they still employ capital punishment in America?

They seem terribly archaic. If the person killed a mass number of people at one time, or picked off several innocent individuals over the years, or attempted to kill a child, justice can only be served if they themselves pay the price they dealt to their victims. What if it was someone you loved, professor? A Marauders fic my sister and I are writing together. It starts a ways into the Marauders' sixth year and who knows how long we'll take it to?

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Just typical teenage drama for the most famous Hogwarts troublemakers. Harry Potter accidentally gets locked in Hagrid's hut for a night and sees an unexpected side of Hagrid.

jealous snape x reader

Which leads him down a path in life no one could have imagined for him not even he, himself. Severus Snape is all around jealous and laments his lot in life that he once again lost a person he desires to a Potter. Gilderoy Lockheart arrives as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and is determined to have Andrea for his own.

Plus, you know, a chamber of secrets and a life-fulfilling prophecy Set in canon of The Chamber of Secrets. This is a collection of short k fics that I wrote in correspondence to a Prompt List I reblogged on my tumblr.

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